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Heavenly Crosses

The Disciple’s Cross is made up of three distinct components. The simulated leather cord reminds us of the leather straps used to beat our Savior; the wrapped wire stands for the thorn branches twisted into a crown to mock the King of Kings; and the nails represent the large spikes that were driven into the hands and feet of the Lord of Lords.


About Us

Heavenly Crosses has been in business since 2003. Recently we decided to have a website created to expand our business. This website is maintained by Website Solutions.

Our mission is to make beautifully handcrafted Disciple’s Cross necklaces for others so that they may spread the Word and strengthen there faith with the Lord.

Our goal is to bring the faith of our Lord to others.

We are Kevin and Corrie Petersen. Customer Service is very important to us. If you purchase a cross from us and you are not happy with the quality and craftsmanship, please let us know. Our craftsmanship is very important to us. Colors may vary due to different computers.

We do fundraisers as well. These crosses do very well. Our fundraisers are good for churches, schools, and other organizations. Up to 50% or more in pure profit. For more information, go to our fundraiser page.