Do you journal when you pray?

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Journaling when you pray is something that very few people do. They either don’t see the need, they don’t know they should, or they don’t have the time. Journaling is something that can come in handy when you are doing your Bible study each day or week. You can reflect on the activities you have done for the week and what you have asked God for.

We should pray on a regular basis. Even if it’s just a prayer thanking God for a wonderful day and to release the angels around your family and friends to make their way safe in whatever they have planned for that day. You may think you are going to have a perfect day and when you pray first thing in the morning, you will have a great day.

So set that alarm for ten or fifteen minutes earlier than normal or don’t hit the snooze but so many times. Start your day off with prayer and have a wonderful day.

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One Response to “Do you journal when you pray?”

  1. Carole in the UK Says:

    I don’t actually journal as I pray, but I do jot down those things that come to mind that distract me as I pray. They may be someting I need to do during the day, such as my weekly meeting with my boss or it may be something I need to say to one of my family members or something ‘silly’ such as ‘that tap is dripping, I must get if fixed’. Whatever distracts me – I jot it down and prayer for each distraction at the end of my prayer time.

    Your blog design is super!

    God bless you both. I have just popped over from Faithful bloggers, where I saw you had contributed to the wring project. God Bless

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