Making and Keeping New Years Resolutions

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We all set New Years Resolutions on January 1. Here is an article that will help you set those New Years Resolutions and keep them.

Making and Keeping New Years Resolutions

Everyone does it! New Years Day rolls around and we all sit down and make our New Years Resolutions. It’s one of those things that just come natural to us on January 1.

How many of you make those New Years resolutions each year and lose site of them before the first quarter is over? I know I have! Let’s look at the difference between a goal and a New Years resolution. A goal is something you are striving to achieve. A New Years resolution is something you really don’t want to do, but you know you should. So, even though most likely it won’t get done, you feel obligated to make the resolution to do it.

An example of a goal would be:

I want to make $2000 a month

An example of a New Years resolution would be:

I want to lose 100 pounds

In the first example you know this can happen if you sit down and plan. In the second example this may be a little more difficult because losing 2 pounds a week may be hard for some. A lot of us set a goal of losing weight, but because life and business happen, this does not!

Now that we know the difference between a goal and a New Years resolution, let’s talk about the ways you can make your New years resolution into a goal that you can achieve.

One thing that will help you reach your goal is to write it down. Not only will writing it down help you remember your goal, but it will also keep you accountable. You will want to put your goals in a place where you will see them every day. The more you see them, the more likely you are to accomplish them. Another thing that will help you to reach your goals is to share your goals with someone that can hold you accountable.

Once you have your major goals in place, you need to break those down into goals that are more reachable. Break them down into monthly goals. That way you will know what you need to do on a monthly basis to reach the major goals. Now for some a monthly goal is too far out there. That’s ok. Just break your goals into weekly goals. Just do what it takes to make it reachable.

When you break your goals into smaller goals they look more attainable. Here is an example.

Say you want to make $12,000 a year. $12,000 seems like a huge amount of money. You may take one look at that and want to give up. Well, don’t do that! Instead, make the goal reachable. Break that goal down into monthly amounts. $12,000 a year means you need to make $1000 a month, which means you need to make $250 a week. Now sit down and see what you need to do to make $250 a week. Write down exactly what you need to do to make $250 a week.

Once you have your smaller goals written down, you need to share them with that someone we talked about earlier. You need to share them with someone that will hold you accountable. That person may be your spouse or another work at home mom or maybe a friend that has similar goals.

When you find the person that is going to help you, you need to set a time at least once a week that will work for both of you. You will need to tell this person what you did for the week, if you reached your goals, and what your new goals are for the coming week. Mondays and Fridays are good days to do this goal meeting.

So there you have it. You are well on your way to having a successful year. Keep up the great work and continue to strive each week and before you know it, you will reach your goals!

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The day after Christmas

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We hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas. Kevin and I enjoyed spending time with our family’s. Christmas time is so much fun when you have kids to share it with.

So how many of you did the day after Christmas shopping thing? LOL, not us!

So did you get everything you had hoped you would get for Christmas? We hope you did.

We still have our special that runs through the end of the year. You can get any solid color on a bookmark for $6 each. So if you got a new book or bible for Christmas and you need a bookmark to go with it, make sure you check out our special today.

Christmas Eve

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Christmas Eve is today and today is the last day for the 24 days of blogging. We have enjoyed the last 24 days. We have also learned a lot during the last 24 days.

Kevin and I want to take this time to wish each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas. We pray that your dreams all come true. We also pray that you enjoy this time with your family and friends.

Christmas can be a stressful time of year, but we hope you have gotten rid of that stress. It’s not about buying the presents, decorating the house, or the Christmas plays. It’s about the giving and spending time with the family. It’s about the true meaning of Christmas.

So, take this time to remember what Christmas is all about.

Merry Christmas from Heavenly Crosses!

Give ‘Em What They Want

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Day 23 leads us to burning questions. This is something that we have never thought of before. We think it’s a great thing, so we’ll give it a try.

Each month Heavenly Crosses offers a special. We try to come up with specials that go with the season or holiday. So what we would like to know is this.

What would you like to see as one of our specials in 2008?

Post a comment and let us know what you would like to see.


Kevin and Corrie

Give Thanks

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Day 22 is all about Giving Thanks. We should always give thanks to those who help us achieve our goals. So that is exactly what we are going to do.

Kevin and I want to thank all of the customers we have had this year. Without our customers, we would not be successful!

We also want to thank the business owners that have our supplies. Without the vendors we would not be in business. We also appreciate the reasonable prices you all have.

We want to thank our web designer, KC Gagne. KC is the owner of Website Solutions. Without her our website would not look awesome and perfect.

We also want to thank our friends and family for all the support they have given us throughout the year.

And last, but definately not least, we want to thank God. Without God we would not be where we are today. God has helped us through the high points and low points.

We hope and pray you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

How to Offer Your Future Clients Real Value

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On Day 21 we are learning how to offer our future clients real value. I’m not sure how we would do this in our industry so we are going to share with you the concerns we had when we started our website.

1. Who will create our website and do a good job?
2. How do we get our website on the first page of the search engines?
3. How do we advertise so we get sales?
4. How do we continue to get sales?
5. How do we get repeat sales?

All five of these questions were concerns for us when we were first starting out. We did our research and we asked around and we found our answers. It took us awhile to find all the answers, but once we did it was well worth it.

Check out the Finance Genius

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Have you ever gone into a mechanic shop to have repairs done to your car and they tell you, of course, after they fix it that it’s not covered under your warranty?

Check out the Finance Genius website and they will show you all the details on the different types of warranties. Used Car Warranty information can be confusing. Finance Genius explains it all.

Make sure you check them out today so you are not in shock when you go to the mechanic shop the next time.

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Do a Meme

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On day 20 we learned a new word. Meme pronounced like “dream” and according to Wikipedia means a “unit of cultural revolution”. So, according to Dina, one of the things you can do is share ten things about you. Wow, ok ten things about us.

So, Kevin and I are going to share this one. Five for me and five for him. LOL!

Five things you probably didn’t know about Corrie.

1. I have never lived anywhere but Casper.
2. I want to be a full time WAHM.
3. I like watching repeats on TV.
4. I’m a Seattle Seahawk fan.
5. I love watching my boys play sports.

Five things you probably didn’t know about Kevin.

1. I want to move to Coos Bay OR.
2. I have two boys and I would like a girl.
3. I was born in Washington state.
4. I married my soul mate.
5. I’m a caring person.

So there you have it. Ten things you didn’t know about the owners of Heavenly Crosses.

Boil it Down

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On Day 19 we were asked to boil it down with our articles. I have been writing articles for a little over a year. I don’t feel that I’m at a point in my article writing to do this project. I’m still trying to figure out how to write articles that are Christian related.

I hope later on down the road, I’m able to come back to this post and do what it says to do. What a great way to come up with a whole nother article by simply following Dina’s steps.

The cord

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Today is day 18 and we are talking about the answer.

If you have a question regarding our cross or any of the products that we make and sell, please send us a note so we can answer it for you and on our blog. We will add your name and a link to your website, if you are interested. If not, we will leave it as anonymous.

So here is a question that we received often.

Q. Is this cord adjustable?

A. Yes, our cords are adjustable on all our necklaces and bracelets. We tie them in a way that makes them adjustable. With our necklaces, you can make them as long or as short as you would like. With our bracelets, they will fit just about any arm size.

So there you have it. Now you know that the cord is adjustable, so they will fit on anyone.

Make sure you send us your questions today.