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Fundraisers can be difficult to do, but they can be fun as well. Heavenly Crosses can help you with your next fundraiser. Whether it’s for your youth group, your adult group, or just for your church in general. It doesn’t matter what your organization is, we can help. Our Disciple’s Cross necklaces, key chains, and zipper pulls make for a great fundraiser.

We are involved with 2 fundraisers right now, in our community. One is for our home church, Word Christian Fellowship, and the other one is for another church in town. They are both going really well. It’s an exciting time for both churches right now.

If you would like more information on a fundraiser, for your organization, go to and click on Fundraisers.

God bless and Happy Thanksgiving.

Kevin and Corrie


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The Christmas holiday season is fast approaching us. We have 33 shopping days till Christmas. That’s not a whole lot. Kevin and I have the perfect idea for Christmas. Everyone loves the Disciple’s Cross necklaces. Why not use Heavenly Crosses to purchase all your Christmas gift needs. We have many colors to choose from and you can have a key chain, a zipper pull, or a necklace. We do have our November promotion, which is buy one cross necklace for $8 and get the second one for 1/2 off. We will have a new promotion in December as well. Take advantage of it while you can. Please visit us at for more details. To take advantage of the November Special, click on products, then Customize your Cross, and put November Special in the Promotion Code box.

Take care and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Kevin and Corrie

November Promotion

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The promotion for November is great. We thought we would offer a special because of Thanksgiving. Kevin and I have a lot to be thankful for. So, because of that, we are having a sell on our beautiful and unique Disciple’s Cross necklaces. Buy one cross for $8 and get the second one for $4.50. That’s a $4.50 savings. Go to to view our different colors and designs. To get this special price click on the product link, then click on the Customize Your Cross order form. Make sure you put November Special in the Promotion code box.

These necklaces make great gifts for any occasion. People of all ages love these crosses. You can get your cross as a necklace, as a key chain, or as a zipper pull.

We also have our monthly newsletter than you can subscribe to. Go to to sign up for this monthly newsletter. It will contain our monthly special as well as many other things.

Take care and God Bless,

Kevin and Corrie Petersen