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Hi all – this is an exciting time in our lives. Kevin and I have decided to create a monthly newsletter for Heavenly Crosses. We are so excited about it. It will have pictures, stories, and a monthly special. If you would like to sign up for our newsletter, please e-mail us at and we will get you the link to sign up. This newsletter will go out on the first working day of each month and the special will go until the end of the month.

Well, that’s it for now. God Bless and have a great weekend.

Corrie and Kevin

It’s been awhile!

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I see it’s been awhile since we posted to this blog.

We have been very busy with Craft Fairs and creating information for fundraisers. If you know of any group that is in need of doing a fundraiser to bring in money, please send them our way. We have a great fundraising option. You can get more information at

We are in the process of doing a fundraiser with a non-profit group. The lady is very excited and so are we. The Disciple’s Cross necklace is a great fundraiser. All types of people love these crosses. They don’t necessarily have to be a Christian or religious for that matter.

That’s all for now. Take care and God Bless,

Kevin and Corrie Petersen